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Liquid Liposuction Mesotherapy Kybella


Lipolytic Injections
(Fat Dissolving Injections)

Fat dissolving injections involve injecting a solution such as Kybella or PCDC into the targeted area to help break down and dissolve unwanted fat cells. The solution works by breaking down fat cells and allowing the body to eliminate them naturally.

The injections are most commonly used to treat areas with stubborn pockets of fat, such as the bra fat, abdomen, hips, thighs, and chin.

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Treatment Areas
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The Experience

  • Consultation and medical intake

  • Development of treatment plan

  • Photos taken

  • Numbing cream applied

  • Skin cleansed and areas marked

  •  Areas injected with a small needle

  • Skin cleansed & post-care instructions given

  • Follow up appointment scheduled

  • 45 minutes duration


  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications one week prior to treatment unless prescribed by your doctor.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol 48 hours before treatment.

  • Do not receive treatment if  pregnant, breastfeeding, have a neuromuscular disorder, have acute or chronic infection.

  • Avoid receiving treatment several weeks prior to an important even or vacation.

Day of Procedure

  • Arrive with a clean area to be treated

  • Expect a small amount of tenderness at the insertion site if injected

  • Redness or bruising may occur

  • Swelling is normal as the fat cells react to the treatment and may last 1-2 weeks


  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours

  • Avoid heat for 24 hours

  • Multiple sessions will likely be needed for optimal results depending on amount of unwanted fat

  • Full result in 3 months

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